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5 Ways I Use AI to Maximize My Productivity and Profits

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

"People ask me "How in the world do you get so much done?" Well, my secret weapon is AI. I use my ideas and allow technology to help me bring them to fruition quickly and profitably."

This past weekend, I was a panelist in a workshop on prospering in the Marketplace. I shared 5 ways I use AI to maximize my productivity and profits. Photo (left: me 😊 right: Dwann Holmes, owner of Brand on Demand and host)

5 Ways I Use AI to Maximize My Productivity and Profits

1. Correspondence

  • I use AI to help me write letters. I can change the tone of a letter and provide the AI tool with specific points I want to cover. Example prompt: Write a short letter from (title) about __________. Include these bullet points (1,2,3).

2. Correction& Alteration

  • I use AI to correct punctuation and spelling on my documents, posts, and correspondence Example prompt: spell check and correct punctuation on this:(paste in your content here)

3. Marketing

  • I create bulk social media posts in minutes by teaming up AI and graphic design software to create captions and eye-catching graphics. Example prompt: create 52 social media captions with emojis and hashtags about _________.

4. Creation

  • I create outlines for books, courses, workshops, etc. Example prompt: Create an outline for a workshop about_________ and include _____________________ ( major topics you want to cover)

5. Planning

  • I use AI to develop marketing calendars, event timelines, and run-of-show schedules. Examples Prompt: Create a 90-day Marketing plan that culminates on _________________ for the launch of _________________. Include times for social media posts, email marketing, direct mail, live broadcasts, and billboards.


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~ Celeste Payne

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