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Embracing Change:

Growing in Business During a Global Pandemic

"I embrace change with open arms, knowing it brings new opportunities for growth."

I remember March 13, 2020, like it was yesterday. I had taken a group of students to a film festival. At 12 noon, the school district shut down the schools and sent us all home. Although I worked as a teacher, my thoughts immediately went to my business. I had to think outside the box and be willing to try some things that were not traditional like actually teaching a painting class on Zoom.

This is a photo of me facilitating a virtual paint party during the pandemic in September of 2021. There were 20+ people on Zoom. We delivered kits to the participants in advance.

3 Ways to navigate change in your business

Strategic Planning:

Strategic planning sets the foundation for change. Assess internal and external factors, define clear objectives, and transparently communicate the reasons for change. This forms a roadmap for a successful transition.

Agile Implementation:

Stay agile during change by maintaining flexibility, implementing changes incrementally, and establishing a feedback mechanism. This iterative approach allows for continuous improvement and adaptation based on real-time feedback.


Celeste Payne, an artist, educator, author, and Therapeutic Art Life Coach. I have served as a marketing director and an art director for entrepreneurs and organizations. I help women tap into their innate creativity and paint a new picture of their future all while gaining the vital skills and confidence they need to make their goals and dreams a reality.

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