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Turning Passion into Profit

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

"My passion fuels my business success, and every effort is a step towards my dreams."

This is one of my social media posts created to promote my passion for coloring books. My background in marketing and graphic design helps me stay relevant on the internet. My team and I assist small businesses in social media management.

Two years ago, I decided to turn my passion for art into a meaningful venture that not only fueled my creativity but also contributed positively to people's lives. With a deep desire to assist others on their self-care journey and a dream of seeing people empowered, I embarked on the journey of creating adult coloring books. The first one, "Colorful Motivation," emerged as a labor of love, blending intricate designs with uplifting messages. This year, in February, I took another step forward with the release of the "Black and Beautiful Adult Coloring Book," celebrating diversity and self-love through art. It's been a fulfilling experience to witness how my passion has transformed into a source of joy and inspiration for others while allowing me to pursue my dreams of making a difference through creativity.

I firmly believe that anyone can turn their passion into profit with dedication and a clear vision. I encourage you, to explore your own passions, for within them lies the opportunity to not only chase your dreams but also to turn them into a sustainable and rewarding venture.

3 Tips to Discover Your Passion


  • Take the time to reflect on activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. Identify moments when you lose track of time or feel a deep sense of satisfaction. These are often indicators of your true passions.


  • Don't be afraid to try new things. Engage in a variety of activities or hobbies to discover what resonates with you the most. Experimentation is key to uncovering hidden passions and refining your interests.

Listen to Feedback:

  • Pay attention to feedback from others. Friends, family, and colleagues may notice aspects of your personality or skills that you overlook. Their observations can provide valuable insights into what you are truly passionate about and excel in.

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I'm Celeste Payne, an artist, educator, author, and Therapeutic Art Life Coach. I have served as a marketing director and an art director for entrepreneurs and organizations. I help women tap into their innate creativity and paint a new picture of their future all while gaining the vital skills and confidence they need to make their goals and dreams a reality. Give me a call at 225-286-2856

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