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Have you ever been away from home or your office and got a phone call or maybe remembered something you need to do? Are you a busy person sometimes overwhelmed with tasks and need a way to track them? Have you ever written something you need to do down on a piece of paper, a napkin or in a multipurpose notebook only to lose it? Or even worse, not written it down at all. I know I have. I have received calls from clients, things to do from my kid’s school, reminders from my spouse and I did not have a designated space to record the information or recall it at a future time, hence, “1001 Things to Do: The Super-Duper Portable To-Do List for Busy People on the Move.”This book was not designed to replace your electronic devices, (because I love my cell phone) but rather to be a quick place to jot down things you need to do in an orderly fashion, so you don’t forget. Whether you are a busy mom, a student or a business owner, or a career woman, this book is for you. Each page has space for you to write your task details. Once you complete your task check it off. You can conquer the “1001 Things” that come your way and using this book is your first step.

1001 Things to Do Portable To-Do List (YL Edition)

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