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w about you, but I feel that it’s about time for a miracle. Since creation, God has been interjecting miracles into the lives of His people. Miracles transcend all economic, social, mental, spiritual, emotional and educational barriers. Miracles are not based on the extremity of your need, but in most cases, the extremity of your faith’s desire for a miracle. If you need a miracle, this book will be a constant reminder of God’s miracle-working power. By sharing Biblical insight and supporting scriptures, your faith, desire, and expectation for the miraculous will be stimulated and grow. Page after page will prove to be a wind of inspiration and hope that fans the fire for miracles to flow in your life.

In this book, we will:
- Explore 11 categories of miracles with scriptural references.
- Explore the definitions and biblical context of miracles.
- Unfold revelation about the relevance of miracles.
- Learn to recognize the signs that a miracle is near.
- Have our fire and desire to see miracles revived.
- Go from a place of wondering to a place of signs and wonders.

As you read the following pages, open your heart to the reality that as a child of God you have the right to receive miracles.
You should know of a surety that “God Has a Miracle for You!.”

God Has a Miracle For You

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