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Welcome to the “I Love Me Some Me Empowerment Challenge.” This book is designed to assist you in developing habits that will build your self-esteem as well as help you relate to others with self-esteem struggles.The book is broken up into five chapters that can be completed at your own paced.Appreciation Your StrengthsTake 10: Time to Affirm YouStop the Chatter: Eliminating Negative Self TalkDetox Time: Dealing with Toxic RelationshipsShout It Out: Affirming OthersEach step contains- Power Words: words that have significant meaning in the chapter- Defining Moment: definition of a power word putting it in context with self-esteem- Consider This: something to think about- Action: an activity to have you exercise the step we are working on- Self Esteem Boosters: extra nuggets to boost our self-esteem - Reflections: a space to express how completing the activity made you feel.- Journal pages: space to write out any thoughts and feeling that popped up as you were completing the activity.PLUS...-A bank of memory verses to help you build up your confidence-Access to our online Empowerment Community which contains additional resources to empower you to be whom you were created to be.

I Love Me Some Me Empowerment Challenge: 5 Steps to a Healthier View of You

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