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Check out the chapter shared by Chortazo Arts founder Celeste Payne: Paving a Creative Trail through the Arts and Empowerment.

Trailblazers Who Lead II is a continuum of work created to share the unsung testimonies of heroes (regular folks doing extraordinary things in life and business) all behind the scenes. Our authors realize it is essential to share the heartbeat of their experiences with the world, to inspire others to believe the impossible is possible when they believe. Trailblazers don't stop at seeing the need in life as well as in the market place. As visionaries trailblazers see new markets, new opportunities, and they forge their own path overcoming obstacles and opposition to get where their outsized visions inspire to lead and influence others to do the same. As leaders in their industry, our authors share lessons learned, life experiences, and the glories of their many stories to help others. Inspired, these trailblazers have created organizations, events, and movements to be influencers, movers and shakers in making a difference in the world. For these women its all about legacy, leaving a mark on the world with their lives that cannot be erased.


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