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Monday - Friday Starting May 31
Session Options:
10am - 12pm and 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Happy Girls
Friends at Camp

Join us for a summer of creativity and education. Introducing our

STEAM Summer activities for summer camps and home school groups.

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Don't Bug Me

Students will explore entomology and the science of bugs. Learn parts of an insect and create original insect creations from beetles to butterflies using watercolor and markers.

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Pop Art Pizza

Study the art of pizza and pop art. Students will learn the ingredients of pizza and how pizza is made and then create Pop art Pizza acrylic painting. Papa Johns is located in our shopping center for you to purchase pizza lunches for your campers.

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Paint Me a Garden

Students will learn about growing healthy foods and plants by painting a watercolor garden full of their favorite fruits and vegetables.  They will also plant a seed in a seedling pot that can be taken home to grow.

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