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5/$99 plus shipping (Host paints FREE)

Create a fun and relaxing at-home virtual paint sip event. Gather 4 friends and you paint FREE.

  • 12'' x 16'' pre-drawn canvas

  • 6 Paint Colors with brush and palette

  • Live instructor via zoom meeting

  • Your choice of painting from our library or request a custom design.


How it works

  • Pay deposit that covers 4 painters to secure your date

  • Choose your painting (a staff member will reach out to confirm painting)

  • For We will ship all 4 painting kits to one address unless otherwise noted (shipping fees apply).

  • We will post an event link on our site to allow your other guests to register.

  • All painting kits must be ordered no less than 2 weeks prior to the virtual event to ensure delivery.

  • Zoom link will be sent no later than 1 week prior to the event with reminders

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